You are Sergeant Stumpy, a war dog in World War One. Your mission is to protect a squad of soldiers from unseen threats. Use your superior senses to locate hidden threats and flag them so your soldiers don't get hurt!

Move around the battlefield with WASD or arrow keys. Follow the indicators (!, !!, !!!) to lead you to hidden landmines, and disarm them with space. Hold shift to sprint, but be careful! While you're sprinting, you can't sniff out landmines.
This game also features gamepad support!

Also! It's highly recommended that you play this game with the sound on! Our stellar audio guys did a fantastic job with the music and sound, and it's a real shame to miss out on that aspect of it. Thanks for playing!


Dan Lance - Producer/Programmer - @GameDangerous
Sebastian Karolkiewicz - Artist/Designer - @Murder_Punch
Colum Higgins - Designer/Programmer - @ColumHiggins
Thom Strom - Music and Sound Effects
Tyler Caldwell - Music and Sound Effects


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