In Mission: Decomposition you must defend your nest of friendly maggots from attacking parasites! Eat enemy parasites to defend your adorable friends. Eat enough parasites and you'll get a chance to evolve into a fly! Be careful though, while a maggot is evolving, you also have to defend the pupa from enemies.

Use WASD or Arrow Keys to move. Press Space to lunge at enemies. Press Enter, R, or Start to start or restart the game!

-Defend your nest! If you lose your nest, you lose the game.
-Eat enemy parasites by using your lunge attack on vulnerable areas of enemy parasites.
-Once your maggot transforms into a pupa, use your new maggot to defend both the pupa and your nest.
-Evolve flies from pupae to beat levels!

This game was completed in under 72 hours for Ludum Dare 35 in April, 2016.


Dan Lance - Producer/Programmer - @GameDangerous
Sebastian Karolkiewicz - Artist/Designer - @Murder_Punch
Thom Strom - Music and Sound Effects
Tyler Caldwell - Music and Sound Effects