Animal Space Party is the first game by Dan Lance. It's an arcade-style aggressive space shooter in which you play as a cat, in a spaceship that also looks like a cat. Test your skills against an enemy fleet of mice and more!

For best results, use a controller or gamepad. Otherwise:

Press Enter to start!

WASD to move, M to fire, K to shield. When you die, press Enter or Space to restart. P to mute the music.

If you time your shield correctly, you will reflect projectiles with it, regain some of your shield, and regenerate health faster. Good luck!

Check out Dan's portfolio to see more of his work, and tune in on twitch Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4pm and Sundays at noon, EST.

version history:

1.0 - uploaded game.

1.01 - increased rate of sustained fire, increased number of enemies, nerfed cows.

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